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          2013-2-19 15:40:58 來源:網絡 點擊數:
          簽證申請人可以幫助我們決定他們是否符合簽證資格首先能做的就是: 要有一個清晰明確的赴美旅行計劃, 并能清楚全面地解釋這個計劃。 如果申請人糊里糊涂,且對旅行詳情渾然不知,這樣通常會使簽證官認為是一種不誠實的表現。申請人模棱兩可或是沒組織好的回答,不管是有意或無意的, 都會使簽證官不相信申請人的赴美意圖,從而導致拒絕簽證申請。同樣,在回答簽證官問題時,一個只會背頌講稿的申請人,也無法使簽證官員相信他們是自然的在提供相關信息。http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5f3bc5d00100rs46.html 

          雖然簽證官通常會把重點放在申請人和面談上面,而不是申請材料,但是有些類別的申請肯定是需要特定的材料 例如, 所有的F1學生簽證申請人必須出示他們的I-20表格和提供他們可以承擔在美期間學習費用的資金證明。有時簽證官可能不會要求你出示任何材料, 但是申請人最好攜帶所有文件,帶來了不需要,總比需要而沒帶來要好。有關不同類型的簽證所需要的支持性材料,請訪問我們的網站:http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/niv_visatypes.html 


          What is the biggest mistake that some applicants make?

          The number one thing that applicants can do to help us determine they are qualified for the visa is for them to have a clear idea about their travel plans and to be able to explain those plans clearly and comprehensively. If the applicant seems confused or does not know details, this can often appear to the officer as a sign of dishonesty. Whether the applicant is intentionally or unintentionally being evasive or disorganized, this can often lead the officer to deny the application because of not being confident of the applicant’s intentions. At the same time, however, an applicant who memorizes a speech will also not seem to be naturally presenting information in response to the officer’s questions. http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5f3bc5d00100rs46.html


          Secondly, applicants should try to prepare and organize any documents they believe will help explain their circumstances and ideally have them in a single folder that can be presented to the officer all at once. Although officers generally focus on the person and the interview, and not documents, some types of cases absolutely require certain documents – for example, all F1 student visa applicants must have a form I-20 and evidence of financial ability to fund their studies. While the officer may not ask to see any documents at all, it’s better to bring the document and not need it than to need it and not have brought it. For a discussion of what types of documents may assist for different visa classes, see our website here, http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/niv_visatypes.html

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